Tangled in Laughter

This story will be talked about for years, I'm sure. And how Mama (that's me) cracked up when they opened the front door, brother holding the drone, and sister hanging her head low in embarrassment. One look and I, baby in arms, burst out laughing. "Babe!" I shout, still laughing, "Come look at this!" My … Continue reading Tangled in Laughter


Stubborn Heels: Introvert Mom Problems

My heels are digging in deep. A few weeks back, I craved quiet. But I didn't act on it. I failed to pull myself away, to hide out in a closet or something. Anything. I'm being stubborn. A stubborn introvert. One who's self-aware of her introverted needs but whose stubbornness just wants to push herself … Continue reading Stubborn Heels: Introvert Mom Problems

Life with Poor Cell Coverage and Satellite Internet

The day after we returned from our Christmas break with family, we had satellite internet installed. Why satellite, you say? Because one, we couldn't get our local broadband provider to install it. (You can see my post about that here.) And two, I use a fair amount of data on my phone, but our cell … Continue reading Life with Poor Cell Coverage and Satellite Internet