The Struggle is Real: Finding Time to Write


The struggle is real.

Sometimes I have the time to write, but I just don’t want to.

Other times, I have thoughts pouring out my eyeballs but I can’t step away from my mommy duties.

Then, there are times when I know I should be sleeping (like now) but my creative juices are flowing and I must take advantage before my brain turns the valve off.

It feels like I’ll never win, never find the perfect time to sit down and pound the keys of my laptop (or, in this case, iPhone).

But I recently read somewhere that when we participate in activities we enjoy, it energizes us.

And I find that to be true. I also find writing to be therapeutic and grounding. It helps me process the ideas and other stuff bouncing around my noggin.

So, here’s to hoping that if I force myself to take a mommy time-out from a life raising four kids and write everyday, I’ll not only feel an energy boost, but I’ll write better and help more people.


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