Breastfeeding During the Holidays


“Are you seriously just going to whip out your boob at the table?” said my younger sister, beer bottle in hand.

Shocked, I just laughed and carried on. I didn’t think I needed to cover up around my own damn sister.

This happened during the week of Thanksgiving where I’d regularly whip it out everywhere, including around my in-laws. My sister was the first person to say anything and it got under my skin.

Out of four kids, my last two were the breastfeed ones.

Well, I pumped and gave my older two whatever I had until it was gone. I didn’t let the good stuff go to waste.

Because of my limited experience in the breastfeeding world, this was my first time breastfeeding during the holidays. I made a decision going into the trip that I wasn’t going to cover up around my immediate family and that I would be as discreet as possible around my in-laws.

Thank God for nursing shirts!

But since I don’t cover up at home, I actually forgot a few times that I was feeding her when someone would walk in the room.

And not a single person stared or made a comment. (Pretty much all the women in my husband’s family has breastfeed their kids.)

Yet, my sister, my own blood, said something.

And, I’m not gonna lie, it hurt.

I hardly see my family and I wanted to remain part of the discussions. Isolating myself in another room every time I had to feed her would have meant missing out on moments I’ll never get back.

During my visit, my mom, more than once, watched me feed my daughter and genuinely smiling, saying, “Isn’t nature amazing?”

Mom’s comments were supportive, positive.

And although my sister probably thought she was being funny, I found her remark negative.

And I forgive her.

Now, the whole ordeal has me wondering how other breastfeeding mamas handle the holidays and feeding their babies around family.



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