Gifting Presents or Experiences: Our Current Debacle

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Eight years ago was the last time we went. So long ago, in fact, that our daughters have yet to experience the magic.

We took our son two years in a row, the first being on the day of his third birthday so he could get in free.

Year after year, we say, “we’ve got to do another trip to Disney,” but the years kept passing on by.

And it looks as though 2018 will have slipped away from us, too.

We wanted to gift them a trip there for Christmas this year, but the expenses of having a baby three months ago have made it challenging to save money.

Perhaps if we had the idea sooner, we would have been able to plan better.

After running the numbers today (I’m in charge of our finances), it appears as though a trip this year remains out of reach.

And thankfully, my husband agrees.

I technically could make it work, but it would put us in a compromising position. His current position is temporary, through April hopefully, so spending that kind of money right now isn’t smart.

Now, we’re left with figuring out what to get them instead.

We don’t want to buy them toys. We’d prefer to gift them an experience that they will remember for far longer than they will an inanimate object.

What do you think about the idea of gifting an experience instead of toys to your kids?


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