Making Health a Priority: Easier Said than Done

Routines. Suck.

A few years back, I realized this about myself – I hate routine and mundaneness.

About the same time, I realized I have an overactive mind.

So, as you can imagine, the combination makes it tricky for me to prioritize daily self-care activities (beyond showering and brushing my teeth).

I’ve managed to workout off and on over the years. But after baby number three, I struggled to restrengthen my core due to neck and shoulder pain.

As a result, my core was neglected.

And now, I’m paying the price.

I knew having a baby in my thirties would feel different, but I didn’t realize just how true that would be.

The aches and pains during and after this baby have been far greater than my previous pregnancies.

I need to repair diastasis recti and regularly stretch my right psoas due to years of a locked SI joint.

Chiropractor and massage therapy are my jam.

But it’s so hard to remember that I can’t just move how I want. I can’t just sit for long stretches of time. I can’t look down at the baby too much.

One wrong twist and I’m hurt.

And if I don’t go to my appointments, I’ll really be sorry.

There is such a fine line between knowing what is best for me and actually doing it.

Just don’t get me started on how much easier it would be if could just create the R word.

And everyone tells me that I’m already ahead of the game by going to my appointments.

I know I should feel proud of myself for doing that, but I know I could be doing more.

How about you? Do you know what you need to do but just don’t cause #momlife?

Photo credit @wellnessstockshop


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