Raising a Pre-Teen

Oh, Lord. Here we go.

He’s asking to visit with a friend down the road.

A girl.

*cough* His girlfriend.


I can’t deal.

Wtf am I supposed to tell him? Huh?

His father and I had strict parents. We could only go to a friends house if our parents met their parents first. And even THAT wasn’t enough sometimes.

Smh. What have I gotten myself into.

I’m not ready for this. Nobody prepared me for how soon they would start asking to spend time at their girlfriends house.

I can’t.

He got the idea in his head and now he keeps asking.

But the hubby and I have yet to discuss.

I mean, my son is a great kid. Just made student of the month for December. I have no reason to not let him spend time with friends.

Except that I do.

The little teenager part of me wants to shout, “that’s not fair!” “Why does he get to go and I don’t!”

And then the adult in me remembers being sixteen and spending time with my boyfriend (now husband) doing things my mama would have slapped me for.

But this isn’t about me.

It’s about him.

It’s about him becoming a young adult and entering that awkward stage that I’m not equipped to handle because – hello! – I’m a woman.

*clears throat*

*deep breath*

I’m getting old.


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