Holding a Baby All. Dang. Day.

It started at 4 am when she wanted to play possum.

I fed her.

She fell asleep.

I swaddled her.

I laid her down in her bassinet.

I laid down in my bed, got all cozy and settled.

*restless movement from the bassinet*


I tried to give her the pacifier but she pushed it out.

She looked wide a-freakin-wake.


I picked her up, rocked her for a few minutes until she fell back asleep, laid her down, laid myself down…

*restless movement*


By this point, it’s past my thirty minute nighttime threshold.

You know, the point at which your body is like “you’ve been awake for too long, sending hunger cues now.”

My stomach growled like I hadn’t eaten in days!

Lord. Seriously. Ugh.

But, I couldn’t do anything about that, not with the baby faking me out, pretending to sleep soundly.

This time, I choose to sit and rock instead of standing because my diastasis recti started sending shooting pain near my left rib.

She seemed to like the rocking.

God, why do I have to be so hangry! I don’t mind waking up for the baby. I just hate being annoyed by hunger! And related headaches.

By 5:15 am, I laid back down in bed after finally putting the baby to sleep for real.

Geez. Hopefully, the rest of the day will be better.

Uh, news flash – it wasn’t.

Baby was clingy all. Dang. Day.

*face palm*


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