Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,

Where do I start?

Do I lecture you on what not to do or do I let you find your way?

You know, I could say (if I wanted to) how silly it is to think this way or that, but would that do more harm than good?

Should I warn you about the challenges you’ll face? Because if you took my advice, wouldn’t that change the future me?

I’m sorry.

It’s not your fault.

If I told you the truth, it would probably scare you into doing things differently.

But from where I’m standing, the choices and decisions you’re about to make (including the horrible ones) are going to be the foundation of greater things to come.

I can’t risk your future (and mine, now that I think of it) for short-term wisdom.

You are about to embark into an unknown world – motherhood! Please know that it was by God’s design. He chose you. He picked you. And He will guide you, even when you don’t believe that He is.

Take a deep breath.

I understand that you must feel as though you aren’t ready, like it’s happening much too soon.


I’m here to tell you that none of life is ever going to make any sense – at least not in the here and now.

Fortunately, one day it will.

Congratulations, mama!

While it’s true that you are going to be the type of mother who makes mistakes and says the wrong thing, more often than not, you will do what’s right for your children.

You’ll watch proudly as they grow up to be bright, independent little beings.

At times, you will doubt yourself and second guess almost everything, and you will surely have many moments of guilt, followed by even more moments of shame.

But it will all be okay. They will turn out fine.

Be strong! You can do this.

You are worthy enough to be a parent. God is with you. You might not feel it yet, but He is there. And He is priming you for greatness.

Every obstacle in your life will be put there by Him, and, time and time again, you will learn to trust that God will see you through.

Put your faith in God to take care of your family. He never has and never will fail you.

“Every mountain every valley
Thru each heartache you will see
Every moment brings you closer
To who you were meant to be
Dear younger me, dear younger me.”

-From the song “Dear Younger Me” by MercyMe

Always rooting for you,

Older Me


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