If Only #Momlife Were Like This

Things I fantasize #momlife could be…

  • The kitchen sink would forever be empty and free of dirty, grimy dishes from home cooked meals.
  • The laundry would never stay in the basket after leaving the dryer, shirts would magically hang themselves and the clothes inside our dresser drawers would look like a mall retail store shelf.
  • My floors would sweep themselves and I’d never have to clean up another glass of spilled milk.
  • My kitchen counters and table tops would sparkle – no more sticky or crumby messes.
  • My hair would be runway ready as soon as I wake up and applying make-up would take seconds.
  • The t.v. would never have smudges from the drool smeared hands poking at it.
  • The carpet in my mini-van would be clean enough to sleep on without getting Cheerios or Goldfish stuck to my face.
  • My guest bedroom would function as such instead of being a dumping ground for things I don’t want to put away right now.
  • Pictures would be in scrapbooks and home movies on DVDs instead of taking up precious GB storage on my phone or PC.
  • My kitchen pantry and fridge would remain stocked so I never have to go grocery shopping with whiny, hungry kids.
  • And emergencies would never happen!

Sounds perfect, right?

Except, if that perfect world existed, I probably wouldn’t have children. And, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have a husband either.

Yet, despite the fact that I know how impossible perfect is to achieve, and how having kids definitely throws a wrench in these plans, I feel pressured to appear as though my life is perfect. I feel like I should always look presentable, even if it’s just in the school carpool lane, grocery store, or doctor’s office. I see images everywhere (movies, tv and HGTV Magazine) of homes that are immaculately decorated (and not baby or toddler proof, mind you), and I think that’s how people with families should live.

I admit that I used to allow it to overwhelm me as I added chores and projects, in a failed attempt to live up to the glossy magazine pages, but at what cost and for who?

As I reflect back on the last twelve years of #momlife, I’ve learned this: perfect is not a goal moms can achieve, at least not the perfect world I described.

In reality, a perfect world is the one I live in right now (without make-up).

My house is a disaster right now. And I’m still wearing pajamas.

Of course it is and of course I am. People actually live here. People eat here. People sleep here. And those people are my family.

There will always be something to clean or organize or sow or fix or mail out or put in storage or sell on LetGo or …


I’ll never catch up on my to-do list and while it sounds depressing to hear that, it really isn’t.

You know why?

Because every other mom, no matter how put together she looks, has a laundry list of things to do, too.

Stressing out about the way my home looks isn’t anywhere near as important as loving my family.

Laughing and playing with them, having conversations with them – those are the things that matter.

Sometimes, I just need to step back and take a deep breath and live in the moment, not in the future perfect world that I’m attempting to create.

Even though cleaning is a tiny part of my mission as a parent, the main goal is to instill good morals and values into my children. Raise them to be caring, loving and kind people. Show them that physical appearances don’t show a person’s true character. Teach them that it’s what’s inside that counts.

Hopefully, our cultural mindset will shift and my children won’t feel pressured to be perfect.

That world sounds like a perfect world to me.


5 thoughts on “If Only #Momlife Were Like This

  1. So true! Easy to worry about the house looking perfect and for the most part no one ever sees my house anyway lol. My kids don’t care they just want to be loved 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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