Two Weeks of Blogging Everyday: Was it Worth It?

I don’t know what to say.

I’m honestly shocked that it’s really been two weeks since I started this blog, but what’s been even more shocking is that I’ve managed to gain twenty followers in that short period of time.

Did I miss something?

I mean, I feel like I’m being punk’d, like I couldn’t possibly have convinced twenty readers that my words are of value.


This is churning up hard feelings, feelings I’ve buried deep down, never to see the light again.

If you’ve followed this from the beginning and have read every post, you know that this isn’t my first blog (nor my only one).

I have a track record of being bad at this, of “failing” at generating a reader fan base, of generating interest.

Maybe I was doing this wrong before.

*throat tightens*

WTF is going on here? Why is it so hard for me to accept this, to just take the good comments and likes and all the love and retweets on Twitter to mean that I’ve done something, that I’ve struck a nerve.

Well, obviously a nerve in me, but no, I mean a nerve in my readers.

Did I somehow (finally) figure out where I fit in?

Two weeks into this is far too soon to say with any reasonable amount of certainty, but I’m paying attention.

I’m learning.

I’m realizing that even if I don’t think I have an idea for a blog post in me, as long as I allow my fingers to hit the keys, the words will just come.

Like they just did right here in this post.

I didn’t know all that would spew out.

It just did.

Hum… forcing myself to write everyday must be working, right?

A part of me is afraid of this, afraid of actually growing a large following, of suddenly having the ear of hundreds or thousands of people.

I suppose that’s normal. Writing, like any other creative art, is a form of vulnerability. Or like standing naked in front of another.

You’re seeing me for who I am through the words I express on this page and that’s frightening. Being introverted only makes it even more uncomfortable.

But, press forward, I shall.

And, you – thanks for following along.


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Blogging Everyday: Was it Worth It?

  1. Blogging is, as you say, a lot about being vulnerable and offering something of yourself (unless you just post photos of makeup and clothes in which case it isn’t) and it can be really daunting in the beginning but it’s worth it. I’m naturally shy, I struggle to make close friends, I get anxious etc etc but I found that, once I opened up, people couldn’t have been kinder – it’s a real virtual community :O) x

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