Disturbing Sleep Habits: A Family Affair

Number three.

Number four.

Oh, and, me.

That makes three of us who are definately NOT following good sleeping habits lately.

Take the baby (number four), for starters: One day she’ll start her night early, only to do the complete opposite the next day.


Then, there’s my four-year-old. She fell asleep in the van yesterday at about 5 pm on our way home and I left her there (chill, I left the van door open, safely parked in our closed garage).

But, hear me out. I was not about to wake up the sleeping beast.

Because that’s exactly what she would have turned into. No, ma’am, I knew better.

Besides, I had Miss Ticking Time-Bomb to breastfeed.

*face palm*

She ultimately awoke on her own about an hour later, seemingly well rested.

But the joke’s on me cause what I traded her for was a bedtime battle. She didn’t fall asleep until past midnight.


I suppose my husband and my son aren’t getting good sleep, either.

Two years ago, my husband started using a CPAP for mild sleep apnea. On the nights he’s too lazy to hook himself up to the contraption, he snores with his mouth open.

Those are the nights where I’m smacking the shit out of him to roll his butt over. Somehow, he doesn’t snore if he’s sleeping on his side.

Go figure.

My son snores, too, but due to his large tonsils. We had him checked for apnea when he was three-years-old when we were first told this about his tonsils. Since the study failed to turn up any sleep issues, we opted not to have them removed.

Perhaps I should get a specialist to perform another sleep study on him.


Now I gotta add that to my mental list of things I should get done.

I mean, he is almost a teen, so he tries to stay up late even though his bedtime, on school nights, is supposed to be 10 pm. During the weekends, he stays up later, but he’ll sleep til noon if we let him (and we usually do).

I guess my eight-year-old is the only one without any sleeping issues.

Scratch that. She doesn’t now.

Up until a few months ago, she was still wetting the bed at night, wearing overnight underwear so as not to wet her bedsheets.

We finally put a stop to it with the help of a citrine stone strategically placed underneath her bed.

No joke. Worked like a charm.

But the four-year-old…she still wears nighttime training pants.


Everywhere says to wake them and take them to the bathroom, but no. A nightmare to wake up, remember? I simply don’t have the patience right now, not while I’m trying to wrangle an infant to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

So that leaves me, mom. The one who has a horrible habit of yelling at them to get to bed on time, to stay in their bed, and, hell, to brush their dang teeth first, for crying out loud.


I didn’t know this was going to be a big deal when I became a parent, the whole sleep thing. It’s like there hasn’t been a day since I became a mom that sleep hasn’t been the center of our lives.

Do we go out for dinner?

Nope, ruins bedtime.

Do we stay up and watch Netflix?

Nope, gotta sleep when baby sleeps or else she’ll probably punish me by waking up the second I lay down.

Should I schedule a doctors appointment for 8 am?

Ef no! What if one of the kids doesn’t go to bed on time and then is super freakin’ annoyed when I go to wake them at the crack of dawn.

See, sleep.

It’s the number one factor I consider when making any decision, it seems.

God, I wish I could just stay up all night and get drunk with girlfriends, or my husband, for that matter.

But nope.

Instead, I’m like an old lady sticking to a (somewhat) routine of hitting the sack early(ish).

And it’s all in the name of being “responsible.”

As mom, it’s my responsibility to make sure the kids get their proper rest so they can grow and so their little bodies can do that cool cellular rejuvenation thing when their brain hits those deep sleep stages.

Of course, part of that means taking care of my own sleep needs (and my husbands).

Hence, I place a higher value on sleep than being productive around the house. And you can bet my assets that I place sleep ahead of signing my kiddos up for a hundred million activities.

I know many will disagree and say, “oh, I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” and they’re right. Don’t sleep and you will be dead.

But imma do me.

I’m interested in prolonging my years on this earth and in teaching my children to place their well-being ahead of anything else.

After all, I find life more enjoyable when I’m rested.

And I want my children to enjoy life, with me in it.


3 thoughts on “Disturbing Sleep Habits: A Family Affair

  1. I hear you, I feel you. I have no advice except to say at some point they all sleep. (My 11yo now didn’t sleep alone, thru the night, till she was 4 and a half).
    I wish you peace, and sleep, thru holiday season! 😴

    Liked by 1 person

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