It’s Amazing What Will Just Pop Into Your Life

When creating one of my blogs this time last year, I stumbled across the following photo and set it as the main image for my site.

It remained the main image for several months.

Then, in spring 2018, I bought myself a laptop with the dream that it would help me be more productive on my blogs.

Until then, I’d been working with our all-in-one desktop that I bought refurbished in 2013 when my 2007 laptop quit turning on one day.

The nerve!

I was told I was lucky it lasted that long.

So I tried not to complain.

When that happened, I was convinced it was a test, a test to see if I would quit writing.

And I didn’t.

At the end of 2017, determined not to be tested again, I started thinking about buying a new PC before this desktop decided to die mid-blogging. It was already showing signs of weakness.

*insert annoying dial-up tone*

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I turned up a fantastic deal for a refurbished 17″ laptop that has the newer SSD hard drives so startup time is literally 30 seconds.

Bonus: when I set it up for the first time, I discovered it also had the option to do facial recognition to login.

Say, what!?

How about that for time management!

Being that I use my laptop mostly for writing, I wanted to pick a wallpaper that would keep me motivated.

So, I chose the same photo that I showed you earlier, the one with a silver laptop, white flowers and a cup of coffee.

After setting it as the wallpaper, I spent several hours performing updates and downloading apps.

And guess what I realized at the end of the day, just before shutting it down?

The photo.

I looked at the photo sideways and realized that that was my laptop.


Yup, I bought the exact same laptop as what was in the photo.

I purchased a size bigger, but it was my laptop!

*puts hands on either side of head*

Holy shit!

I smiled.

My God! Isn’t that some kinda crazy!?

I manifested the exact model as the photo and I didn’t even realize I did it until afterwards.

This reminded me of a story I heard from one of the men in the movie “The Secret.” In the film, he described finding his old vision board in a box one day and sees the very house he bought on the board.

Yes, his exact house!

I remember thinking at the time that he was weird because how would he not have realized it sooner.

Now, here I am, in the same boat.


Life just amazes me sometimes! I love it!


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