Big To-Do List = Big Time Procrastination

Part of me really, really wants to just skip the holidays and go right to January 3rd.

Skip the packing.

Skip the Christmas gift shopping (yes, I still haven’t bought a dang present for the kids, don’t judge).

Skip the rediculously long drive to my parents.

Skip all the money we’ll spend over the next two weeks.


That’s just one part.

Then, there’s the incredibly long list of things to-do leading up to our travels.

The washing of ALL the clothes.

Making sure the trash goes out.

Remembering to take what we need.

Making reservations.

Eating up all the leftovers.

Washing ALL the dishes.

*bigger sigh*

It feels like no stone can be left unturned.

And it’s burning my brain.

And when I feel like that, overwhelmed from all the “extra” piled on top of my daily tasks, I want to do none of it.


All I want to do is procrastinate and sleep.

But, that’s just me. This is what always happens to me leading up to a trip.

And, thankfully, it only happens about 3-4 times per year.

Cause, honestly, I can’t handle this sort of thing if this was my everyday.

I’m shorter with the kids, getting more headaches, and having mini anxiety attacks.

Which is why I’ve designed my life so that I don’t have a to-list that causing this type of stress all the time.

I just can’t deal!

Walking around the house the last few days has been more stressful than usual as I notice all the things I haven’t put away, or sorted through, or cleaned.

Even blogging has become a chore – just one more thing to do – which was why I didn’t publish a post yesterday or the day before, breaking my 20 day blogging streak.

*insert disappointed emoji*

And instead of doing what I need to, I’m choosing to just either do nothing or find something non urgent to do – like choosing to deep clean the oven.

Okay. That’s a lie. I didn’t deep clean the oven, but I did get the strong desire to do it.


Trading one thing for another. Doing something easier to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Yeah, right. That sh*t never works, but I somehow always fall for it.

*face palm*

I’m going to do my best to push through my tendency to shut down during these stressful situations and write anyway and give myself grace for the rest. After all, it’s always therapeutic to get my thoughts out onto a page. But I’m not going to pressure myself to do it everyday, at least not until after all the holidays have past and life resumes to normal.

‘Cause normal – yeah, that I can do.


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