This is a No WiFi Zone

Well, attempt #2 to get internet failed.

Tuesday, a modem was delivered via UPS, but the internet wasn’t activated. After hours of chat and phone calls, it was concluded that I cannot get service because my area is exhausted – meaning they cannot add new customers without impacting the speed of my neighbors.

Customer service had no information regarding if my area is making additions to accommodate all the new homes being built. I was told only the technicians on the ground know that sort of thing.

This is 2018, almost 2019. You’d think internet services would be available everywhere because, from a business standpoint, everyone wants to be connected, especially my generation of cord cutters.

Looks like we have to turn to satellite internet, but we’d have to pick a GB plan. Once we use up our GB, speeds will drop to a snails pace.

We’d have to keep our satellite tv since we won’t have enough to just stream like we used to. Both of us are overwhelmed by how many channels we have compared to when we were streaming DirecTvNow. And, no, an HD antenna doesn’t work this far away from the city.

Living without WiFi wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t because our cell phone service isn’t strong enough or else I could just use it up since we have a large data plan, so large that we never use up our 75 GB each. But most of the time, when I want to get things done (pay bills, blog), the coverage drops to 3G due to cloudy weather or just people who live closer to the tower congesting the line.

That and, as iPhone users, we can’t update any apps over 150 mb without WiFi. And since moving here, I didn’t realize how often apps push out updates that are that big.

I’m hopeful satellite internet won’t be as horrible as when I first got them over 10 years ago.

At this point, I really don’t care about anything except to be able to get what I need done quicker than I am now. Nothing annoys me more than an interface with my time management.

And right now, I’ve already spent toooo many hours trying to get this company to work with me.

I have no choice except to move on…


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