What’s a Girl to Do

It still doesn’t make sense, all these months later.

I mean, I get why they want to, but I don’t get why.

You know?

I didn’t realize I had such strong feelings about this, about my parents deciding to put their home for sale this past summer, until a few hours ago when my mom got a call from an agent wanting to show the house tomorrow.

It was as though someone had punched me in the chest with a brick.

A part of me is still annoyed with her. Due to the sudden desire to purchase a property she fell in love with, she had to cancel her original plans to come visit me after deliver.

Me. Her oldest daughter. Pushed aside like I didn’t matter. Scratch that. Like the birth to her fifth grandchild didn’t matter. She just wanted to use the fact that they were putting the house on the market as another excuse to add to the growing list of obstacles – long car rides hurt her tail bone and her fear of flying.


Why didn’t I voice my disapproval of this ridiculous move sooner?

Why did I have to be nice and say, “whatever makes you happy, mama.”


And I’m not the only one who thinks my parents have gone looney.

My grandma thinks it.

My husband definitely thinks it.

And my sister, the youngest and thus has spent more hours living here than the rest, doesn’t like this idea either.

But what can I do?

Granted, my folks are only selling their house to buy a property that they fell in love with – that’s the catch. They have to sell theirs or else they cannot buy the one they want.

My husband and I don’t think theirs will sell and I’ve been riding on that hope even though my mom asked me to pray for her that it sells.

Does that make me a horrible daughter?

Once upon a time, my dad said he built this house for us, his three daughters.

What happened to that?

They paid off the mortgage earlier this year. And now they want to move?

I don’t know.

I feel like this is like when you want to buy a new car. It’s exciting for a little bit, the shopping around, but after a few weeks or days, the buzz dies and you’re over it.

I fear that is the case here. That they are chasing happiness and somehow, feel this property will fill them up, fill that void.

But it won’t.

Their problems will follow them their, and like getting a new car, the excitement will one day fade…


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