Life with Poor Cell Coverage and Satellite Internet

The day after we returned from our Christmas break with family, we had satellite internet installed.

Why satellite, you say?

Because one, we couldn’t get our local broadband provider to install it. (You can see my post about that here.)

And two, I use a fair amount of data on my phone, but our cell reception constantly drops to one bar LTE or 3G.


In September, I moved just 10 minutes away and this is the thanks I get.

Before the move, I used to have lightning fast broadband and my cell reception was phenomenal. Phenomenal! And we didn’t have cable or satellite tv. We streamed everything. We were subscribed to DirecTVNow and loved it.

Now, that streaming life is not even an option.

*shaking my head*

I don’t get it.

Why do internet companies do this? How can they cut off a section of land and mark it as their own territory but then not give me the internet I’m willing to pay for?

What the fork, man!

Anyway, after living three months on just our cell phone data and hot spot, I grew frustrated and figured having some sort of internet, even if it was satellite and on a tiny data plan was better than none at all. I figured at least I could tap into it on my laptop without fiddling with my phone’s hot spot, which isn’t the best at times.

Imagine, trying to pay bills online and everything is just dial-up pace. Seriously, not exaggerating.

That’s how it was when my cell reception dropped to 3G or less. (Yes, I didn’t realize it could drop less than that until I moved here. It’s called 1x.)

After having the satellite internet installed, I thought well maybe we could get one of those 4G LTE Network Extender things our cell carrier sells to boost our cell signal through our WiFi.

$250 later…

Nope. Doesn’t work!

*face palm*

I give up.

Well, not really.

I told my husband that I’m going to call our internet company every month to see if someone has either left our area and they can now add us OR if they’ve expanded the system to accomodate more people.

“But what about our satellite internet and tv?” he asked.

Then, I’ll just cancel those f-ers! I don’t care if I’m in a dang contract.

It’s overpriced! I never watch all those channels and when the weather is bad, I can’t watch anything. PLUS, our DVR’s on-demand functions don’t work without…you guessed it…internet!

I swear, it’s like I’m being punished for wanting to raise my kids in a country setting. This house is perfect – except for the internet situation.


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