Bad Habits Die Hard

Why do I do that to myself, question the choices I make, question what I chose to do with my time? My mind always tries to come up with fifty alternate scenarios, all of which are much more efficient use of my time. But that's just me. Call me practical. It's what my mom should … Continue reading Bad Habits Die Hard


Stubborn Heels: Introvert Mom Problems

My heels are digging in deep. A few weeks back, I craved quiet. But I didn't act on it. I failed to pull myself away, to hide out in a closet or something. Anything. I'm being stubborn. A stubborn introvert. One who's self-aware of her introverted needs but whose stubbornness just wants to push herself … Continue reading Stubborn Heels: Introvert Mom Problems

Disturbing Sleep Habits: A Family Affair

Number three. Number four. Oh, and, me. That makes three of us who are definately NOT following good sleeping habits lately. Take the baby (number four), for starters: One day she'll start her night early, only to do the complete opposite the next day. Ugh. Then, there's my four-year-old. She fell asleep in the van … Continue reading Disturbing Sleep Habits: A Family Affair

Making Health a Priority: Easier Said than Done

Routines. Suck. A few years back, I realized this about myself - I hate routine and mundaneness. About the same time, I realized I have an overactive mind. So, as you can imagine, the combination makes it tricky for me to prioritize daily self-care activities (beyond showering and brushing my teeth). I've managed to workout … Continue reading Making Health a Priority: Easier Said than Done