Time to Move this Party to My “Real” Blog

I've made my decision. And I can't continue to blog for you here. Y'all have been the sweetest and rather than just leave you hanging, I've decided to let you know where you can continue to follow me. I'm on Instagram at lifesparkwithlauren and my blog lifesparkwithlauren.com. There, I open up about burning out while … Continue reading Time to Move this Party to My “Real” Blog


Is this the end?

I'm taking a break from this blog to figure out the best way to move forward. As I've said before, this isn't my only blog. I started this one, anonymously, as sort of an experiment and it turned into the greatest jump start for getting my writing mojo back. I'm seriously considering revealing who I … Continue reading Is this the end?

#Blogmas What?: Thoughts on What Blogging is About

This is not a #blogmas post. In fact, it's probably more like an anti-blogmas one. I mean, really? 25 days of writing Christmas posts? No thanks. Let me explain. I've been trying to blog on WordPress since 2015. I say "trying" because I haven't established much of an audience to use any other word. (I … Continue reading #Blogmas What?: Thoughts on What Blogging is About